Ubuntu for all

It’s been a month or so since I installed and started using Ubuntu. I first heard about Ubuntu two years ago, when it (v 4.04, I think) was distributed for free in schools in our neighborhood. I was reluctant to partition my newly bought computer. Vista came preinstalled with my machine. The latest release of Ubuntu–Hardy Heron (8.04)–includes Wubi, the Ubuntu installer for Windows. Wubi solved my partitioning headache. Now, I need not select a separate partition for Ubuntu. Wubi installs Ubuntu in Vista, as if Ubuntu is a Vista application. Don’t think that you make a compromise here. Though Wubi installs Ubuntu from within Vista, Ubuntu is installed as an operating system. Unlike a live CD, you can boot your system using Ubuntu installed through Wubi.

Installation was breeze; it only took 10 or 15 minutes before I could log on to Ubuntu. The Hardy Heron’s user interface is simple, it has all the applications a normal home user would ever want, and it is lightning fast. Now, depending on my requirements, I use either Ubuntu or Vista.


  • If you want Vista-like UI, install Kubuntu Desktop. It is a stunner, really.
  • Be prepared to learn a few Linux commands that are necessary to work with Ubuntu. You may have to use the Terminal sometimes, and your knowledge of the Linux commands comes in handy. I will try to list some commands I find useful in the coming posts.

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