Festival of Light Beckons

The festival of light Dheepavali (or Diwali) is just two days away, but the sub-prime crisis, global financial meltdown, and all such clichéd buzzwords have dampened the festive mood a bit. People working in the IT and Finance sectors are chewing their finger nails in anxiety; a few major banks have temporarily stopped providing loans; a power crisis is crippling the entire Tamil Nadu. Now, is there anything to cheer about?

The only antidote I can prescribe is optimism. Dheepavali (light) beckons at the end of the tunnel. It will bring with it hope, promise, confidence, faith, and all such good things.

I wish all a very happy and safe Dheepavali.


4 thoughts on “Festival of Light Beckons

  1. Very nice message, Ramki.
    Happy Diwali to you, Karthi, & Ammu!

    (P.S. Y not include a picture of lights for this post… just to add a bit more cheer! was xpecting one when i came to this page, thts y)

  2. Diwali was great. We invited Joe’s cousin who’s studying in chennai for lunch. In the evening one of my very old friends (hindi class), whom i met thru Orkut came home with his niece. As a matter of fact, may i see his looks very much reminded me of you!

    So it was a pleasant day spent with family and dear ones.

    (P.S. But one thing, Joe referred to my gulab jamuns as sweet vadas 😐 The syrup got completely absorbed by the jamuns, so they were dry!)

    How was your Diwali??

  3. P.S. But one thing, Joe referred to my gulab jamuns as sweet vadas LoL! That’s Joe at his witty best!!

    Our Diwali was great, too! All three wake up early at 4:30, had Ganga snanam, wore Diwali dress, said a quick hello to the numerous gods and goddesses that dot our Pooja room, ate Ukkarai (I think you know this Diwai special dish) that Karthi had made, visited a temple, fired crackers, and had a gala time.

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