Rain, Rain, Go Away…

I confess that I made a mistake in my last post. I accidentally wrote that the North-East monsoon had somehow eased out. Wrong. Well, blame it on my clairvoyance; the lack of it, that is. It's been almost a week since it started raining, pouring, down pouring, and what not. It's been raining cats and… Continue reading Rain, Rain, Go Away…


A Visit to Kailasam (Kanchi Kailasam, that is)

Preface With the North-East monsoon saying goodbye to Chennai, winter, the mildest summer season in this part of the world, has set in early. The travel bug in me started pricking my nerves so hard that I began to plan for a long ride to feed the bug. Luckily, there was an excuse to make… Continue reading A Visit to Kailasam (Kanchi Kailasam, that is)