Rain, Rain, Go Away…

I confess that I made a mistake in my last post. I accidentally wrote that the North-East monsoon had somehow eased out. Wrong. Well, blame it on my clairvoyance; the lack of it, that is. It’s been almost a week since it started raining, pouring, down pouring, and what not. It’s been raining cats and dogs, and lions and elephants these days. Chitlapakkam, where I live, is inundated like any other square inch of Chennai. As it always happens to me always, Street #2, where I live, is the most suffering. Our street (an alley, really) is submerged in knee-deep water, resembling a reservoir for this locality. Street #1 and 3 have concrete roads and are safe.

So, let me pray. Could you please join me?

Rain, rain, go away. Come again next year.


3 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, Go Away…

  1. Ramki! Just what I needed to see. A post praying this hell of a rain to stop. We have also had our share of suffering… no power for 36 hours (thank god we got it now) knee deep water in streets, and my mom’s house is a mini lake now. Let’s hope and pray that nature is satisfied with the havoc it’s already done.

  2. Hi Sudharsh,

    You are right. As I have mentioned, only our street (Duraiswamy Nagar II Street) is submerged (still!), because it is a low-lying area (the only). While Street I and III have concrete roads, ours has been left out by the town panchayat 😦


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