Sumptuous Meal, Delicious Meal

I have heard about this place--Sanjeevanam--but only recently I had an opportunity to taste its famous, nutrition-rich Kerala food. The lunch menu comprises a speciality-Rajakeeyam. It's a fully fledged meal, which is sumptuous as well as delicious. It's not spicy, yet tasty. To the uninitiated, each dining table has a card that tells you how… Continue reading Sumptuous Meal, Delicious Meal


When 6th Gear Felt Like Granny Gear

I hadn't ridden my bike awhile before this evening. I excused myself from commuting to office on my bike on the basis that the Sun has started hotting up. But I knew that I was faking and I badly wanted a ride. So, yesterday (Saturday), I gave the bike a hearty wash and set it… Continue reading When 6th Gear Felt Like Granny Gear