When 6th Gear Felt Like Granny Gear

I hadn’t ridden my bike awhile before this evening. I excused myself from commuting to office on my bike on the basis that the Sun has started hotting up. But I knew that I was faking and I badly wanted a ride.

So, yesterday (Saturday), I gave the bike a hearty wash and set it up for a long ride today (Sunday). Things didn’t happen as I had wished, and I had to wait till evening to go for a quick spin.

I only rode for 10 km, but boy did I enjoy it? Initially the ride was nothing spectacular, but once I clambered over the MIT flyover, I started cranking effortlessly on the 6th gear (the highest I have on my bike) and felt as if I was riding on the granny gear (the lowest). The ride was so wonderful that in an effort to sustain momentum I dodged a strip of tarmac that was strewn with shattered glass pieces with the precision of a surgeon, without slowing down.

In the end I thought I had put to good use all the carbohydrates I had stocked.


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