Sumptuous Meal, Delicious Meal

I have heard about this place–Sanjeevanam–but only recently I had an opportunity to taste its famous, nutrition-rich Kerala food. The lunch menu comprises a speciality-Rajakeeyam. It’s a fully fledged meal, which is sumptuous as well as delicious. It’s not spicy, yet tasty.

To the uninitiated, each dining table has a card that tells you how to enjoy the meal in a proper manner. First, you start with ripe banana sprinkled with grated coconut. The card shows a lot of banana slices, but they serve you just two; maybe, two pieces are sufficient to whet your appetite. Next, you taste five types of soups and juices served in small glass tumblers. You can gulp them down in one shot.

Are you feeling hungry? Now, they serve you an array of uncooked vegetables and wait until you finish them off. Next come semi-cooked veggies. I swear the plantain pith hasn’t tasted this better anywhere. Yummy.

Before you start the main courses, they serve you four types of fully cooked dishes. First course is of course, paruppu sadam aka dal chawal. The rice they serve is bran rice, the variety which is red in colour and preserves all the nutrients rice can offer you. The other courses are the usual ones that occupy a South Indian meal: sambar, mor kuzhambu, rasam, and buttermilk; only they taste better here.

You still have an empty place in your stomach? Then how about a pint of ambrosia, I mean, payasam? Wow! Do you feel satiated now? Wait, they will serve you honey to help you digest all you have gorged. Honey is served in the same fashion thulasi theertham is offerd in Perumal koil—in your plams. Lick it to your heart’s content.

Well, during the course of your meal, you will notice that one important thing is missing: water. They won’t serve you water until you finish off your meal (or until you beg them to pour some). It is the famous chukku vallam, medicated water, served in brass tumbler. Now go wash your hands and chew the thamboolam. This sweet paan will not put make you intoxicated.

The meal costs you Rs.120+10% service charge+VAT, but it’s worth every paise. Sanjeevanam, abutting Valluvar Kottam High Road, will not let you down if you are searching for a place to have a good lunch. Go, try it. Burp.


5 thoughts on “Sumptuous Meal, Delicious Meal

  1. Ramki!

    I’ve been to the Sanjeevanam in Adayar (or Besant Nagar, I forget). Yes, the concept was good and so were the juices and appetizers.
    And there’s no denying that it is a highly nutritious meal.
    But I being a non-veggie and who luvvs spicy food was greatly put off by the bland courses. There was very little salt and absolutely no oil used. May be, I should change my tastes for my own good!

    1. Deeps! Our family relishes Anjappar (veggie varieties) best, so you know that we like our food hot and spicy. But Sanjeevanam was a different experience. It made me feel that food can be bland (in your words;)) yet tasty.

  2. Anjappar?? I was a bit startled before reading the words “veggies” :-)))
    I went there with my Verizon colleagues sometime, of which many were pure veggies.
    I remember relishing the juices and starters, though.(uncooked items).

  3. Anjappar?? I was a bit startled before reading the words “veggies” :-)))
    I went there (Sanjeevanam) with my Verizon colleagues long back.
    I remember relishing the juices and starters, though.(uncooked items).

    1. The problem with Anjappar is we will never know if kadai vegetable contains a piece of Kaadai along with the vegetable pieces:) Nevertheless, if you want spicy food, you know where to go.

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