When You Got Your Money Back

You might have encountered them: the direct marketing-cum-sales representatives who sell books, CDs, and similar stuff. One such person came to my wife’s office and tried to sell a pack of Britannica Encyclopedia CDs for Rs. 400 (introductory offer, you know). Considering that one of the CDs was on the Solar System, which my daughter would love to watch and learn, my wife purchased the pack.

While installing the Encyclopedia on our computer, the CD took unusually long time to install, so I cancelled the installation. Later I found that there was a data error. The other four CDs also didn’t show any life. When I carefully read the system requirements, I found that except the Encyclopedia CD, others were not meant for Windows Vista, but for the older versions. Now I only had one option: to return the pack to the address mentioned in the bill and get a replacement.

When I went to the sales office, I was thinking that they would offer another pack or maybe a different collection or even some of the books that they sell. I waited patiently at the reception while the manager was discussing the day’s work with the sales reps. When I was called in, I was thinking that he would try to convince me, but to my surprise, he accepted to take back the pack. He suggested that I take a look at the books they sell,  but when I told him that my 6-year old daughter would have to plough through the books that are not meant for her age, he refunded the money without hesitating.

You may be thinking that if a product was not up to the mark, the manufacturer or seller would have to take it back. You are right, but in my case, the manager didn’t force me to settle for something which I didn’t like.


I would not have purchased the product had the manufacturer clearly mentioned the system requirements on the outer pack. (Maybe, they didn’t want to lose a customer by telling the system requirements. Who knows:))


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