Two is Company

I have been riding alone since this past year, like a recluse enjoying his solitude. I have used those moments for self reflection. What will you do when you ride on a beautiful tarmac with the azure sea for company, when the morning weather remains cool, and when no human is seen? While enjoying my ride, I have looked into myself in search of better solutions for questions that remain unanswered.

Then, one day I rode with a fellow biker, and I found the ride interesting too. When I ride alone, I become a bit slow, but the last group ride was relatively quick. We chatted while drafting one another at a lively speed (~24kmph). We didn’t stop frequently (as I normally do if ride alone), but we didn’t find ourselves tired. Maybe, the route was a reason too. We rode up to the Porur junction, joined NH4, and came back to Tambaram. The weather was beautiful, the tarmac was wonderful, and the only sound came from the wheels as the air blew through the spokes. All in all, it was a very good ride. I may go for solo rides, too, when I feel I want to be alone, but group rides are what my rides are going to be (at least for the time being).


4 thoughts on “Two is Company

  1. Sounds great Ramki! COuld have written more about it, though.
    It’s really commendable of you, that you are cycling regularly for two years now. It’s a great way to stay fit.
    Hmm, I too love cycling dearly. Don’t know when I am going to be able to revive that exercise.

    1. Hi Deeps!

      I know you enjoy your cycle rides. If Joe and you are game, you can join us on one of our weekly rides. It’s fun. Two years ago, there were no ‘great’ bikes, but today we are spoilt for choice. Phoren brands such as Trek, Cannondale, Merida, Schwinn, and Bianchi (yeah, they are all cycle brands) are available now in Chennai. Of course, TI Cycles have a true VFM bike called ‘Hercules Ryders ACT 110 (mine :)). So, buy Joe and yourself a pair of wheels each and start riding 🙂


    1. Hi Karthik,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. I haven’t ridden a Schwinn, but from the tech. specs, I can tell you that it has slightly better components than ACT110. And at 11,350 it seems to be a good choice, too.

      If this is your first bike and you have plans of upgrading to a proper road bike (most cyclists will do eventually), I would suggest you start with a decent bike, enjoy your rides, save money, and upgrade.

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