A Stroll down the Road

A month had passed since I went for the usual weekend rides. There had been more than one reason: the oppressive Chennai heat, the sweaty body, and long work weeks. Also there was this fear of numbness-in-the-forearms returning. The bar ends do provide a bit of respite, but they are not convenient. They offer more than one position to rest the hands, but still are not enjoyable. I have to live with them, as I can’t go for a properly fitting bike, at least for now.

I knew that these reasons were mere excuses, and I missed my rides. Thanks to Hurricane Laila, the weather gods had mellowed down. Wife was more than willing to take the daughter to the Tennis class, so it was a perfect setup for a Sunday ride.

The destination, of late, has been NH4. Super tarmac, straight road, and sparse traffic all make NH4 a wonderful place for a peaceful ride. It is also a toll-road with fenders in most places, so stray cattle and stray humans don’t surprise you. The only downside is there are no shops near the road. If you get a flat tyre, you have to carry your bike down the slope to find human habitation and if fortunate a puncture-mending shop. (Mine is a petite alloy beauty, so I can carry her all day long :).)

The ride was perfect. As I had cleaned and oiled the bike the previous day, it rolled beautifully. I could maintain the usual 42:18 ratio. Except for the slow-moving 40+ tonne monster trucks and speeding Xylos and Innovas, there was no traffic. I was riding merrily at 24kmph. A few bikers flew past on the other side of the road. On the way, I was joined by Giri, another biker from South Chennai. (Hi Giri.) He rode a Schwinn. He was on his way to Villiwakkam to meet his parents. We chatted all the way up to Madhuravayal. I returned home on the same route. The initial plan was to get out of NH4 at Porur, but I was so engrossed in the conversation I went up to Madhuravayal.

When I reached home, Cateye showed 51km at ~20kmph. So, it was a nice stroll down the road.


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