Bicycling Chronicles – Ride on 20 June 2010

“I didn’t pant…I didn’t huff and puff…I cruised blissfully. In the end, I averaged 23.5kmph over 45km (quickest in the recent months)”

Of late, I have been spending my Sunday evenings biking around NH4. Mornings are dedicated to my daughter, as she trains for her first Wimbledon. (She is 7, mind you :).)

It’s Sunday afternoon again. The clouds and the breeze try to block the late-afternoon sun, but in vain. The Reebok jersey I bought the other day comes to the rescue. I don’t sweat as I normally do. I am in a dilemma, though. Where to go? City will be crowded. OMR and ECR are too far for a two-hour ride. Where to go?

I debate with myself.

“No. Don’t think of NH4 again. You have been doing it since you ditched ECR and OMR a couple of months ago.”

“But it’s the only wonderful stretch of tarmac around here with less traffic.”

“OK. Do it then one last time.”

Once I cross MEPZ, I find my rhythm. This is going to be my day (or evening). My legs are in prime condition and they want more. They can conquer any gradient (that is exaggeration, I know). Tambaram flies and in no time I am at the start of NH4.

The long, rolling tarmac is a joy to behold. The time you spend on the saddle is completely yours; while you gallop at 30kmph, you can search for your true self. God, this is heavenly.

Soon I reach the toll plaza near Porur Junction and join the crowd that goes to the city. Average drops as I wade through the traffic. I pick up speed again after Nandambakkam and conquer the Kathipara grade separator at 42-16. I sustain the momentum till I stop for a break near Alandur. After Meenambakkam, I slow down again as I squeeze through one bottleneck after another. MIT Bridge still remains victorious as I crawl at 42-18 and reach home.


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