Why So?

I have always wondered this: Why does the heart still root for people or things that are second best at the moment or are past their prime? I will present a few cases in point for you, dear reader, to decide…

  1. King Federer…I need not go deep into why he is (arguably) considered the GOAT. But today, he is a shadow of his former self. He perseveres but time has really taken a toll. The mighty Djoker dismantles him each time they meet. And not so long ago, Nadal made him look like an ordinary tennis player when they met in the red clay. But the heart always roots for FedEx each time he meets Djokovic, and hopes that he win the match.
  2. Rahul Dravid…While all the cricketing world (or India at least), rooted for Sachin, my heart was always looking forward to seeing the performance of “The Wall”. He would not be as entertaining as Sachin but still the heart wished he score more.
  3. Windows 10 Mobile…Despite the fact that the mobile world in general and the reviewers in particular play the swan song, and despite the fact that there is no market share to talk about, the hearts roots for Windows 10 Mobile.

So why, why, why the heart roots for the second best at the moment or for people or things that are past their prime?

Loyalty for that person or thing or their class, timelessness, and elegance? Or, is it just that you see your persona in that person or thing? What’s that?? I am still searching for an answer…



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