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Happiness Is… Riding a Fixed Gear Bike!

You are confused as well as intrigued. An hour later, you are in your zone. You enjoy the surroundings. After sometime, you are riding like possessed, caring least about what is going on. Then you are grinding like a maniac; you stop searching for the elusive answer to why you ride like that. Finally you are riding like a machine. No more questions; no more answers; only eternal bliss. The ride becomes you and you become the ride… You are riding a fixed gear bike…welcome to the fold…


One week on the saddle

It's been a week since I started using the nonpolluting vehicle for commuting. The first day was indeed special; I was excited like a kid on a festival day. Got up early, put on the nicest clothes, wiped the nonexistent dust off the bike, and started. The sky was overcast, but the humidity was unbearable. I… Continue reading One week on the saddle